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Please click the forms link to complete your health history form prior to your initial visit. This allows us to correctly enter all of your contact information as well as verify any and all insurance benefits that may be available for your treatment.

The initial visit will include a low-dose digital X-ray, along with photos and a digital scan if appropriate for the age and development of the patient. These are all easy tasks with no patient discomfort.

This will be followed by a check and possible dictation of information by Dr. Potocki to his treatment coordinator and consultation with Dr. Potocki to review his recommendation.

The treatment coordinator will review the recommendation and other important information to ensure you are completely comfortable with every aspect of patient care along with presentation of fee, insurance benefits, and payment options, assuming Dr. Potocki is recommending treatment.

Starting treatment is as easy as signing your payment plan, consent and making your initial payment. All necessary braces or Invisalign® can be designed and ordered directly from the scan and your appointment to be fit with your braces or aligners will be scheduled!

Not quite ready? No problem! Just call when you are! We may take an updated scan if it’s been more than six weeks, but that is just a short and convenient visit!


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